Henry Achatz

Pop Freelance Studio & Live Guitarist

Henry Achatz hails from a family of musical prodigies. By age nine he was the drummer in his family rock band and performed at talent shows and local fairs. Raised in Marin County, California breeding ground for musicians such as Jefferson Airplane, Journey, Santana, and Metallica, Henry studied music with professionals beginning with drum lessons from a former drummer of Van Morrison and guitar with Jason Becker & Marty Friedman of Cacophony (David Lee Roth and Megadeth).

By his early teens Henry started his own metal band and hit the Bay Area club circuit. Over the course of the next few years he moved south and continued to hone his guitar skills in recording studios and while playing in rock and pop bands in Los Angeles and abroad. After hearing a John Scofield CD, Henry was inspired to study jazz, blues and fusion music. Funk, R&B, and the guitar stylings of Pat Metheny and Pat Martino were also important influences.

Currently, Henry freelances as a sideman for a variety of Pop Indie/Major label artists and groups. Henry's busy schedule continues with various projects. He is always performing live in Los Angeles or touring nationally and overseas and is usually in some form of production in the studio. Henry is also very active with guitar clinics, trade shows, and available for regional and international tours.

Contact Henry Achatz at: henryJguitar [at] yahoo.com